August 24th, 2011

Muhammad Shirin Maghribi: Each Way I Turned

Each Way I Turned
by Muhammad Shirin Maghribi
(1349 - 1406) Timeline

English version by
Mahmood Jamal

Muslim / Sufi
14th Century

Each way I turned
I turned to You;
Each place I reached
Was the path to You.

Each place of worship
I entered to pray,
I saw the arch of Your brow
In every arch and every doorway.

I saw the face of worldly beauty
But I saw it in the mirror of Your face.
In the manifest and the hidden,
In the ideal and the real,
All have looked and only to You.

Don't ask about Maghribi.
He is by madness stuck --
By those dark lashes of Yours!

-- from Islamic Mystical Poetry: Sufi Verse from the Early Mystics to Rumi, Translated by Mahmood Jamal

Muhammad Shirin Maghribi: Each Way I Turned