August 17th, 2011

Tending Two Shops by Rumi

Don't run around this world
looking for a hole to hide in.

There are wild beast in every cave!

If you live with mice,
the cat claws will find you.

The only real rest comes
when you're alone with God

Live in the nowhere that you came from,
even though you have an address here.

That's why you see things in two ways
Sometimes you look at a person
and see a cynical snake.

Someone else sees a joyful lover,
and you're both right.

Everyone is half and half,
like the black and white ox.

Joseph looked ugly to his brothers
and most handsome to his father.

You have eyes that see from that nowhere,
and eyes that judge distances,
how high and how low.

You own two shops,
and you run back and forth.

Try to close the one that's fearful trap
getting always smaller.
Checkmate, this way,
Checkmate, that

Keep open the shop
where you're not selling fishhooks anymore
You are the free-swimming fish.

Tending Two Shops by Rumi by Prospect on Myspace

Am i a Frog or a Mouse? More from Rumi or his Spirit.

“It’s not always a blind man
who falls in a pit. Sometimes it’s one who can see,

A holy one does sometimes fall,
but by that tribulation, he or she ascends,
escapes many illusions, escapes
conventional religion, escapes
being so bound to phenomena.

Think of how PHENOMENA come trooping
out of the desert of non-existence
into this materiality….

This place of phenomena is a wide exchange
of highways, with everything going all sorts
of different ways.
We seem to be sitting still,
but we’re actually moving, and the fantasies
of phenomena are sliding through us
like ideas through curtains.
They go to the well
of deep love inside each of us.
They fill their jars there, and they leave.

There is a source they come from,
and a fountain inside here.
Be generous.
Be grateful. Confess when you’re not.

We can’t know
what the divine intelligence
has in mind!

Who am I,
standing in the midst of this
thought-traffic?” — Rumi

A fragment from "The Long String" pp 83-4, The Essential Rumi, by Coleman Barks
(This is supposed to be from the Masnavi, Book Vi, but i cannot find it there,
So this might reflect Coleman Barks more than Rumi--but either way, i like it.)

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