July 22nd, 2011

Happy Anniversary.

Both Daughters showed up yesterday afternoon with a new television set and a new coffee pot.  I asked how much the TV cost, and was told it was a gift and that we might get another such on our hundredth anniversary if we were nice.  They spent most of the afternoon connecting the new tv to our satellite service.  Now we have a new, flat screen, high definition, 32 inch digital television.  Very nice!

Younger daughter just walked in the door, with her husband (big surprise for everyone)............

One Step, Nu Step

Shopping an estate sale early this month our older daughter bought a Nu Step TRS 4000 recumbent cross trainer for $150 plus tax. (They cost $2500-3000 used and $3600 new--and this one is practically new.)  Dianne's lower body is practically frozen and the one thing we thought might help her a lot was one of these machines.  I thought $3600 was a small price to pay for mobility, but Dianne has been resisting.  On Tuesday, the daughters came by and installed it in our living room.  Dianne just finished her first use of it.  Yay!!!