July 9th, 2011

A Book for me to Look At:? The Heart Doctrine by Christopher Holmes

"...From an esoteric mystical perspective, modern science and psychology are riddled with a number of fundamental misconceptions—erroneous ideas that form the core of their shared assumptive framework—regarding the essential nature of human beings, the Universe, and reality. As Dr. Holmes explains, the extent of these errors is such that scientists and psychologists (and all stripes of modern thinkers) do not even suspect how thoroughly mistaken they are in their approaches to and ideas about even the most basic questions in psychology—especially the nature of consciousness. This unhappy state is due primarily to the fact that theydo not know themselves—in anything more than the most superficial terms and senses.In addition, the extent of this ignorance, regarding the nature of the self and consciousness, insures that modern theorists and researchers will remain in the dark about the most essential and significant aspects of their being.
In contrast, mystics assert that our capacity for self-knowledge, and our possibilities to experience expanded and heightened states of self-realization, spiritual truths, and cosmic consciousness are dormant faculties of our being. To realize the deepest truths about ourselves and the Universe, the mystics say, we must awaken these extraordinary faculties and experience the depths of the inner cosmoses of consciousness. By doing so, they claim that it is possible to realize a transformation in the nature of one’s consciousness, being, and self such that one directly experiences a state of transcendent unity and apprehends objective knowledge of oneself and the cosmos. It is this gnosis—the refined, higher knowledge of spiritual truth and reality—that distinguishes the mystic quest from all other approaches to knowledge..."

On The Heart Doctrine