July 1st, 2011

MBF Convicted of First Degree Murder by Torture

Twelve women and men, after listening to seven plus weeks of testimony and five and one-half hours of jury instructions and closing statements, took less than three hours (with time out for supper) to reach a verdict.  MBF was judged guilty and he will be sentenced in September, possibly as a "persistent offender."  (He has previous burglary and theft convictions).

The closing arguments were good, much better than i expected.  Trying to evaluate them as a neurotypical person might. both arguments (and, especially, the prosecution's rebuttal) were logical and relatively free of irrelevant information (although the prosecutor's argument took over two and one-half hours).  As an autist i heard a lot of extraneous information which showed that the prosecutor did not really trust the evidence to logically support his case.