June 28th, 2011

He Did Nothing, He Saw Nothing, He Knew Nothing

No it was not Sgt. Schultz trying to stay out of trouble; it is the MXBF testifying in his own defense in the murder of his XGF's son.  Its now about time for closing arguments so the case should go to the jury this week.  On the stand MXBF sounded truthful, but then sociopaths have a way of sounding truthful when they lie.  But i don't think this is a sociopath; i think this is someone who thought that what he did was "reasonable,", that the death was an accident, that an accident shouldn't get him convicted of murder, and a few lies might be necessary to get him off, which is what he deserves.

My not very broad or significant experience is that juries take the notions of "reasonable doubt" and "innocent until proven guilty" seriously; far more seriously than lawyers take their responsibilities to prepare and present logical, factual cases.  Its a wonder anybody gets convicted.  i think computers have allowed attorneys to present far too much and too intricate evidence so that the logical chain gets swallowed up by the sheer volume of detail