June 11th, 2011

Generic Meditation Issues: Discipline (I), Sir Edmund Hilary and the Swan Queen..

I've been thinking about climbing, dancing, discipline and spirituality in ways that kind of bounce off each other without really connecting.  This afternoon we watched the movie Black Swan, Collapse )   
Matthew Fox made a distinction between what he called a Jacob's ladder spirituality and a Sarah's circle spirituality, Collapse ),

Climbing or dancing requires a certain amount of discipline, but either can become an obsession, an addiction.  As a metaphor for the spiritual life, either can have positive or negative connotations.  It is that "certain amount of discipline" that my fancy flutters toward.

According to my father, who was probably correct on this one thing, i am lazy. I am neither tempermentally nor philosophically inclined toward disciplined labor.  I do what i like for about as long as i continue to like what i'm doing.  I may be lucky to be autistic because that condition allows me to focus on some things long enough to get them done.  Nevertheless, my past is strewn with unfinished projects which stopped being fun before they got done.

I am somewhat in awe of the discipline which seems to be required in monotheistic and Buddhist spiritualities.  Taoism does not seem to place such great emphasis on discipline.  Certainly the Ox butcher in the Chuang Tsu  is an adept, but his skill, which is a force or nature, can come from a flash of insight as much as from hours of practice.  While it is true that flashes of insight favor prepared minds, we may place undue emphasis on the preparedness rather than the flash.

When doors have opened to "other dimensions" i have slammed them shut or turned my back, not because of lack of discipline but because of lack of faith and lack of acceptance.  If those "gates of perception" should open again, i will be more relaxed, more willing, but my attitude will be humble,  If i feel unworthy it will because i know the truth that i am no more worthy than anyone else; but i hope i will not feel unworthy because all are worthy, and all who care are blessed,

If i acquire compassion, humility and equality, the other aspects of spirituality will present themselves in time.  Meditation will help, but it need not be a chore.  A series of short, doable steps, will get me there, i have taken  the first few.  I am humble and i do not do self-abuse,

Writer's Block: Talk of the town

If you were given your own talk show, who would your first guest be, and why?

The late Lex Hixon had, what for me would have been, the best possible talk show.  He interviewed spiritual leaders of many different faiths.  I would like to resurrect his talk show.  Of course, it would originate in Boise. rather than New York, but i would have a national audience because of the importance of what my guests would have to say.  My first guest would be the Dalhai Lama, on the subject of his giving up political leadership of the Tibetan government in exile.  We would discuss the distinctions between spiritual and political leadership and why one might better be a spiritual than a political leader.  Next i would interview Pope Benedict XVI on the spiritual relevance of the papacy,  I would want my third guest to be an aboriginal spiritual leader so that my audience can see what spirituality is about.