May 21st, 2011

May 21, 2011

I have to confess, i have been a little on edge, all day.
I made careful note of the "rapturable" people at Mass this evening.
and was grateful for the presence of those i regarded as such.
Then i remembered that according to most of these adventist types
most Roman Catholics are going to hell anyway,
as am i.

That's not intended to be entirely mocking or funny.
I was raised by fundamentalists to be a fundamentalist
My people were not Millerites,
but they knew the end was coming soon.
And hell was certainly a real place.
and while it is no longer a real place in my mind.
i think it might be a real place in my gut.
And my gut was bothering me a little today.

At any rate i've got five months.
Of course its five months of "tribulation."
and, if you ever hear a fundamentalist talk about it,
tribulation is pretty bad, in fact, the worst.
I had thought it would be seven years
I don't know which is preferrable,
especially if i get hell in the end anyway.

Anyway, if there are no additional signs of the end by Wednesday
I will be taking Dianne out of town
in celebration of our fiftieth wedding anniversary.
I plan to have fun
while scrupulously avoiding mortal sin.
Though Adam's stain is with me still.
it should be a very good week.