May 18th, 2011

Robert Manwill; Trial Begins

Trial of MBF began on Tuesday.
Monday 16 Jurors were impaneled.  Quick work;
Yesterday: Opening statements and beginning of testimony,
No surprises, nothing new,
We are reminded of the cruelty of the torture in the weeks preceding Robert's death.
Proximate cause of death were head injuries and abdominal injuries (consistent with a 280 pound person dropping knees on abdomen.)
Immediate cause of death was not seeking medical care for the dying child.
The boy's dead body was weighted with rocks and dropped into an irrigation canal where it was discovered ten days later.

There are 390 names on the witness list.
One is Robert's mother, an alleged chronic liar and the only possible eye witness.
She has already pleaded guilty to aiding and abetting the murder and will be sentenced in August to up to 25 years.
The trial is expected to last several weeks.
No change of venue.
Trial will be "twittered" by local KTVB reporter (among others i'm sure).