May 13th, 2011

Mother's Boyfriend Jury Selection?

Both the man who killed my friend Mary and the man who allegedly killed Robert Manwill are about to be tried.  The first trial has already begun.  I know that Mary and her husband would not take interest in the trial of the driver who struck them with his car, they would have been more concerned with the man's well being than with whether he got convicted or got off.  The trial is interesting however because, like me, the killer was elderly, had health and vision problems, and probably should not have been driving.   I didn't know Robert Manwill, but his killing did capture the community's imagination.  Scholarships have been set up in his name and his death has caused changes in the way the welfare system works; child protection is getting a little bit of attention, and judges pay some attention to the needs of children in custody cases.

Robert's mother has already pleaded guilty to some accessory charges; and both she and her (now ex) boyfriend remain in custody.  I don't know what the status of the case is now, but something is going on, maybe venue discussions, since the defense is claiming MBF cannot get a fair trial in this county.  Trial is now set for July, so it seems rather early for jury selection.  When there is not a lot of blood being spewed about and an absence of yelling, local news can be rather vague about what is going on.  I'm hearing names mentioned, but not much else.