April 28th, 2011

Pope Joan -- An Adventure into Autistic Thinking

People are often amazed at my mental process.  Some people say i am the smartest stupid person they know;  I guess this a little bit like saying i am an "idiot savant", a condition often found in people with autism.  i forget sometimes that Asperger's syndrome is a form of autism.  While i can cross the street by myself and cannot tell you whether it rained in Bonn on the third Thursday of October in 1309 a. d., i do have, in less extreme form, the characteristics of "Rainman." 

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Drawings in the Sand - I'm Learning

Originally posted by dyingishate 
I'm learning
To forgive myself for every thing I have but have never earned.
To play well with myself and to suffer with others.
To eat with mind and no guilt.
To speak in questions, not conclusions, and how to think very quietly.
To spend money while knowing it will all be gone soon.
To live with an open door, even when I'm not home.
To love the worst in the best of us and the best inside the worst.

To fear death with respect.
To believe in nothing while still caring.
To look on the dark side, with a light.
To be afraid without fear.
To be happy without hope.
To be good without righteousness.
To think without believing.
To be honest without laughing.
To be serious with a smile.
To be cynical without sneering.
To find company in loneliness.
To find souls behind faces.

The flavor of plainness.
The simplicity of mysticism and the mystery of the obvious.
The ugliness of art and the beauty of its attempt.

I'm learning how to hurry more slowly.
I'm learning how a bush goes on blooming in the middle of a storm.

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Drawings in the Sand - I'm Learning