April 20th, 2011

Agape, Eros, Augustine, Luther, Anders Nygren, Me, the Buddha and the Tao

Both and And
Either or Or
Nor or Neither
Eros or Agape
Luther or Augustine
Manifestation or Essence
What the hell! or Who cares?
This or That..

This or that?  To Buddhists, every this is somebody's that' every that is somebody's this.

"Neo-platonism" (according to Nygren) was Augustine's this; Manicheism was his that.
Lutheranism was Nygren's this; Catholicism was his that.
(would you be surprised if i told you Nygren was a Lutheran?

Does the debate about God's Love in Christianity have to be waged entirely in Christian terms, within the confines of Western Logic--
waged as though the more ancient traditions of India and China are so much chopped liver?

Dualism, i think, arises much more out of conflict than out of thought or observation.
Westerners are dualists because they are warlike.
The argument about God's Agape and human eros is waged by mental warriors.
Non-duality comes from a mind that desires peace.
Do i believe that? No. Its just a wild guess.
Do i disbelieve it? No.  A wild guess can become a working hypothesis.

Do you understand what i am writing.  I hope so, because i do not understand it.

I must confess, I have not read Augustine's Confessions
I have not read Nygren's Agape and Eros.
I have only read the Tao Te Ching.

And the
Tao Te Ching tells me that most arguments waged in terms of Western Philosophy are silly.
Or maybe i am silly.
Lets meet in Rumi's garden and talk about it.

Amazon.com: Agape and Eros (9780226610788): Anders Nygren: Books
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Love by George Herbert

Love by George Herbert

This is the poem which Simone Weil was reading when she had her first encounter with Jesus (whom she called "Christ")

Do i like this poem?  i don't know.
I love Simone Weil and she obviously liked it.
I have read six or seven of Herbert's many poems
(but not this one)
I never bothered to put any of them in my journal.
Weil's use of it is reason enough to include it.

What do you think?