April 19th, 2011

Simone Weil: A Christian without a Church.

I have often expressed my disgruntlement with the stories of English Intellectual Celebrity Converts.  (C.S. Lewis, John Henry Neuman,  Malcolm Muggeridge, etc.).   I think the problem is that their minds don't work the way mine works and therefore i conclude that 1) they were dishonest, or 2) their thought process or their investigative techniques were sloppy.  They are certainly entitled to their opinions but they have no good basis for trying to get others to share them.  I do not begrudge them their "experiences," in fact, i grant highest priority to religious, and especially mystical experience.  I notice that i find my disgruntlement confined mainly to English speaking Male Monotheists.  Among those excluded from this category are Simone Weil, a French Jewish activist, writer and teacher who had paused just outside the "door" of the Catholic Church just before here death at age 34.  A year before her death in 1943 she wrote a detailed letter to a priest-friend outlining her religious attitude and experiences.  Aside from the experience of "possession" by Christ and subsequent visits from him, which unfortunately i have not had, i can follow her spiritual journey with confidence, though, of course  having a different way of expressing  it.

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