April 3rd, 2011

Psalm (Sort of)

Oh, Lord, my enemy surrounds me!
The politician says: Thou shalt *know thy enemy.
Oh, Lord, who is my enemy?
Is it the terrorist or the cruel and bloody one?
Is it the Capitalist or the arrogant and greedy one?
Help me to know Oh, Lord, that the enemy is myself.--
My false, fear filled, egotistic self.
How do i fight or befriend this enemy?
Help me Oh, Lord, let thy grace rest upon me.
Let thy many tender mercies come to me,--
Only as i am graceful and merciful to others. ** Selah

(*"know" is not intended here in the Biblical sense.)
(** No, i have no idea what "Selah" means, its probably a direction to the Cantor,
its just something i see in the Book of Psalms a lot.)