March 28th, 2011

Spring Fall

Dianne fell yesterday.  I had to get the neighbors to help her up.  She got a slight nose bleed, a few sore spots and an ugly bruise on a wrist.  She says she feels o.k.  But her mobility today seems even less than usual.  We are both being very careful.

I went grocery shopping--two to two-and-a-half hours from the time i leave until i get back.  I got it done quickly yesterday.  Dianne was sprawled face down on the floor.  At first i didn't see her.  She was not in her chair where i expected her to be.  Where was she?  Then i looked down.  Fear!  She said she was ok, that her right shoulder hurt a little but that she was sure it was alright.  Old age has caught up with me also; i can no longer lift her.  So i went to the neighbors who have helped us three times in the last five years.  (I felt they were thinking, why isn't she in a nursing home--or perhaps that was me projecting my fears onto them).  They lifted her without much difficulty and put her in her chair.  Now everything was back to "normal."

She had got out of her chair and walked a few feet with her walker; she returned to her chair and started to back up to get into it.  Her right leg froze and she could not move.  Finally she decided to throw herself into the chair.  She missed.  ("Even when i throw myself, i throw like a girl."Collapse ).