March 26th, 2011

Writer's Block: Around the world

Belize.  No, i don't scuba dive, fish or visit Mayan temples.  Belize has fascinated me since it was "British Honduras."  Its demographics, its social problems, are almost a microcosm of the world's mix and problems, all played out on a stage not much larger than than the small county i live in.  Its European elite, its Asian sub-elite, its Afro-American majority (now a numerical minority), its Mayan minority (now a numerical majority), and its unique Black Carib tribes are incredibly interesting and with less than a quarter million population, still subject to the effects of human choice.  But Belize is just first on a very long list of places where i would like to spend a goodly amount of time,

(I would have said Tibet; but i'm afraid i would be crying during my entire visit.)