March 22nd, 2011

Generic Meditation Issues: "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" Maybe I Don't Have Anywhere I Have to Go.

I accidentally came across a minor dispute between some Buddhists and some Taoists over the ownership of the concept Zen.  It seems some Taoists want to use the term Zen Taoism to describe philosophical Taoism, and some Buddhists object to this.  The Buddhists refer to the Zen Taoists as "Western scholars," while the Taoists call their critics "monastic bureaucrats."  As someone who tries to follow the Eightfold Path and The Way (as well as the Sermon on the Mount) this argument makes me sad.  People, it seems, want their paths to be well marked and appropriately distinguished from the paths of others.  This despite a mutual belief in the oneness and the nothingness of all "things."  Collapse ),