February 10th, 2011

Isn't "Steel Butterfly" an Oxymoron?

I am reminded as i listen to Hosni Mubbarak, of former Republic of the Philippines first lady Imelda Marcos and her 2700 pairs of shoes which she bought "to give her people greater dignity."  I notice that the old lady is still around (at age 81) and still serving "her people" now as a member of the Philippines house of representative.  No doubt she will someday be honored perhaps by having some institution named after her.  Since some of her previous posts have had an alleged social service component, i would suggest an Imelda Marcos School of Social Services at the University of Manila.

I would also like to suggest the theory of social services that might be taught to future saviors and humanitarians at this school   Drawing on streams of thought from Capitalism,, "common sense," Mrs Marcos' own thinking, and maybe even a little bit of Taoist philosophy, this theory would hold that those who best serve their own interests are the best servants of the community.

Any feelings of guilt remaining from our medieval sensitivities about greed and lust would be finally abolished by the understanding that serving ones own needs provides a role model for others so that they can better serve their own needs.  Since a community is nothing but a bunch of individuals, when all individuals meet their own needs, the needs of the community will be met as a matter of course.  (Come to think of it, their should by a Nathaniel Brandon or Ayn Rand Chair of the Philosophy of Social Service at the Imelda Marcos School of Social Services)

For Christians, some of the more troubling teachings of Jesus would be comprehended through this theory:  For example: "He who would be Chief among you must be the servant of all by serving his own needs first."  This would explain how the Pope, who is the servant of the servants of the servants of the people gets to run the Church.-- and how the best Christians, rather than being the poorest, might well be the richest.

Students will come from the ends of the earth to sit at the feet of these new masters of obscurantism.and obfuscation.