February 9th, 2011

He Doesn't Get It: They Don't Get It; We Don't Get It. I Don"t Get It.

Mubarak doesn't get it.  He comes on tv to tell the people he will give them what they want, on his terms, in his way, and in his good time.
I almost feel sorry for the man.  He doesn't get it.

Head of state, in general, don't get it' parliaments don't get it, judges certainly don't get it.  CEOs, in general, don't get it.  The rich don't get it,
the middle class doesn't get it.  The Pope sure as hell doesn't get it.  He wants ecumenicism, on his terms, in his way, in his good time.  But i can't really blame him; Peter and Paul didn't get it either.  And Augustine read Paul for advice and Constantine, i suppose went to bishops for advice, and then let the bishops, who had all read Paul,  dictate what Christianity was.

Here is the reason for this rant.  I learned last night that my church no longer tithes.  We used to give ten percent of our annual income to some work of mercy.  Then the members (or was it somebody else, as i suspect) decided we needed a new church.  Our little unchurchy looking building would no longer hold the congregation.  (Some suggested knocking down a wall and building a covered patio.)  But we had to hire a "developer"-- a Franciscan monk (would you believe it!?!! ) who came up with a plan for $4+million building.  Our Mortgage payment is $21,000 per month, and you know how the economy's been; we had to cut back somewhere.  I recall when we were being appealed to to increase our giving in order to pay for this grandiosity.  A parishioner spoke about how she reentered the labor market and was giving all the salary from her job to pay for the building.  She said she was inspired by a tent like chapel she saw in Israel.  (I thought at the time: fine, lets put up a tent. as a fundamentalist protestant i had attended plenty of church services in tents).  But we built a building instead and now we can't tithe anymore.

Does anybody get it?  What is there to get?  First, the other person's interests are just as vital and important as mine.  So she doesn't state them well; so he doesn't have the power to back them up; so she is annoying in the way she presents her needs; so i don't like him or think
his position is worth my consideration.  None of this matters.  Second, the way things ought to be is the exact opposite of the way they are.  Who says so.  Well, Jesus said so; the Buddha said so; Lao Tse, if he wrote the Tao Te Ching, said so.  The way things are done is wrong so any body who wants to do right must do something different.

Somebody suggested recently that all people with material power are vampires of one sort or another, sucking the life out of Egypt, sucking the life out of the world so they can have a few extra years of getting what they want.  We all put pretty names on what we want, we decorate our needs nicely as service.  Our new church actually looks rather nice, once you get used to it.  I can imagine praying in there alone at night. But i suspect that the doors are locked at night; there are a lot of expensive things in there.  Dracula's castle may have looked inviting from a certain perspective.

Corn Mother -- She Dies that Others May have Life

This link is to a creation myth of the Penobscot people.  First Mother is a goddess, but also a human being.  She dies because she loves her people, she does not exactly "rise again" but her skin and bones become the basis of nourishment for her people.  A "gospel" story if i ever read one.
Native American Indian Legends - Corn Mother - Penobscot