February 7th, 2011

Meme: "God and the World" Questions 14 and 15 Ancestry & Evolution

14. Do you believe that we are descendants of Adam and Eve?  The ones in the Bible? No.  Was there a first man? Yes.  Was there a first woman? Certainly!  Did they exist at the same time?  Did they know each other?  These are questions i can't answer.  Before we were Homo sapiens sapiens there was something else, Homo sapiens ..........(what)?  Not Homo sapiens neanderthalis, there is no evidence that we are descended from them (DNA and all that).  Because of the processes of natural selection and mutation, it is likely that the first human being (Homo s. sapiens) was a lonely person whether male or (more likely) female.  Scientists, to whom i grant some authority on this issue,  are saying now that we all are descended from a man who lived about 125,000 years ago and from a woman who lived about 250,000 years ago.
The point is we are all related.  If we are not literally brothers and sisters, we are cousins to some degree,

15. Do you believe in evolution?  Yes, evolution is a process of biological change.  Do we fully understand it? Probably not.

Meme: "God and the World" Questions 16 through 18 Astrology

16. Do you believe in astrology?  Do i believe that astrology can tell me things that i could not figure out more easily and accurately by other means?  Fifty years ago i would not have dignified such a questions with an answer.  While my answer is still no, i have become a little more open minded as i have grown older and astrology has become more popular.  I have too much respect for people who take it seriously to dismiss it out of hand.  I don't mean famous people; mostly they just reconfirm my knee jerk opinion that it is nonsense.  I have never consulted an astrologer and cannot imagine the circumstances under which i would do so,  But some people i take seriously take it seriously so i will try to remain open minded.

17.Do you read your horoscope?  Yes.  It is on the same page of the newspaper as the comics, the suduko, and the crossword puzzle, three of my favorite things; and if my eye happens to light on "Cancer" (Dianne's sign) or Leo (mine) i sometimes read it.  And sometimes i think it fits.

18. If yes, why?  Because its there, its short, and, in my case, harmless.

Meme: "God and the World" Questions 19 & 20 Psychotherapy

19. Have you ever been treated by a psychotherapist?  Not  by an MD certified psychoanalytic shrink, no.  I have been in head and behavior therapy about five time (i lost count) between 1963 and 1978, when i was in my thirties and early forties.  One therapist was a psychiatric social worker (Freudian), another was a priest who was sort of Freud-lite (Transactional Analysis), one was a psychologist, and others were sort of generic counsellors.

20. If so, why?  My behavior (or lack of it) posed a problem to people around me, people i cared about.  When they became upset enough to suggest counselling, i went.  I even tried a little bit of group therapy at one time--that was fun.  I think part of the problem (a big part i am coming more and more to think) was my autism which i did not know about and which was never suggested to me by any therapist.  Nor was the possibility of abuse ever explored.  Eventually i grew up, which solved some of my problems, and then i finally diagnosed my own autism which has seems to have taken care of most of the remainder.  I don't regret the therapies, i probably learned things in all of them; but most of my coping skills came through 12-step programs.

Writer's Block: The start of something wonderful

What is your favorite opening line of a book, and why?

This is not exact;y a book (its a creation myth of the White River Lakota) but it would make a great opening line (paragraph actually)..

"In the old, old days before Columbus "discovered" us, as they say, we were even closer to the animals than we are now. Many people could understand the animal languages, they could talk to a bird, gossip with a butterfly.  Animals could change themselves into people, and people into animals.  It was a time when the earth was not quite finished..."