January 6th, 2011

Tao Te Ching, Chapter 52 - Meditation on Meditation

The beginning of the universe
Is the mother of all things.
Knowing the mother, one also knows the sons.
Knowing the sons, yet remaining in touch with the mother,
Brings freedom from the fear of death.

Keep your mouth shut,
Guard the senses,
And life is ever full.
Open your mouth,
Always be busy,
And life is beyond hope.

Seeing the small is insight;
Yielding to force is strength.
Using the outer light, return to insight,
And in this way be saved from harm.
This is learning constancy
Daily Tao - November 4th, 2009

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"God Will Decide If I Am A Muslem"

Salman Taseer, late governor of the Punjab, who was assassinated Tuesday, deserves to be remembered as a hero.  There are many people with the courage of their convictions; unfortunately, those convictions too often have horrifying implications for other human beings.  There are also many people selfless enough to know to do the right thing; unfortunately, they too often seem to lack the courage to stand firm for their principles when they are challenged.  The result is a world that is slowly but surely headed for destruction.

Salman Taseer knew right and wrong when he saw them in action and stood firm for the right and against the wrong.  Because there are so many courageous idiots and spineless idealists he always knew he might be killed.  He opposed extremism in Pakistan and defended those who fell afoul of the moral principles of the Sharia.  His defense of a simple Christian peasant woman sentenced to death for blasphemy was the most likely occasion for his death at the hands of his own bodyguard,

I do not know the Islamic or Pakistani tradition for honoring dead heroes.  I wish i did.  The world has lost a friend in Salman Taseer, and i am very, very sorry.