January 3rd, 2011

Tao Te Ching, Chapter 49 -Childlikeness

The sage has no mind of his own.
He is aware of the needs of others.

I am good to people who are good.
I am also good to people who are not good.
Because Virtue is goodness.
I have faith in people who are faithful.
I also have faith in people who are not faithful.
Because Virtue is faithfulness.

The sage is shy and humble - to the world he seems confusing.
Others look to him and listen.
He behaves like a little child.

Daily Tao - November 1st, 2009

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Too Much of a Good Thing

Imagine the late Roy Orbison on stage, surrounded by great fiddlers, guitarists, harmonicaists, and pianists.  Backed up by great singers including Elvis Costello, Bruce Springsteen, Bonny Raitt, and k.d. lang.  I guess you had to be there.  Unfortunately i wasn't, but i did watch a cd of the event twelve years later.  The effect was somewhat underwhelming.  Orbison's pure, soft voice was often drowned out by the instruments and backup singers.  I would have much preferred Orbison alone on stage with minimal backup,  Some performers are made for solo acts.
Dianne agreed that studio recordings are much more listenable than concert recordings.  I will say that it was great fun watching k.d.laing doing backup.

My list of things i'm glad never happened includes a duet--Patsy Cline and Willie Nelson singing "Crazy"

There must be a lot of possible examples of "too much of a good thing"  Jane Austin and Jules Verne collaborating on a novel?  A theological debate between Maimonides and Aquinas?  Jay Leno and Lewis Black as a comedy duo (or Lewis Black and anybody else as a comedy duo)?

Maybe i'm just a lot more conservative than i thought i was?

Hey, Grandpa

My grandson phoned New Year's day to "see how things are going." 1) I hate answering the telephone 1a) its probably an autism thing; 1b) phones in my experience are for emergency use and usually mean bad news, and 1c) it disorients me, i really need presence in order to communicate--probably another autism thing.  2) My grandson Never calls me unless i ask him to.  I run out of things to say in about 15 seconds and hand the phone to Dianne, who, of course, has a very pleasant conversation with her grandson.  Later i wonder why he called.
Maybe he was alone and lonely.  (Coast guardsman step granddaughter was being driven to her new base by family members)  Dianne and i planned to go out to dinner after Church so we called to invite him along.  My daughter was home so we invited them both.  We had a very pleasant evening.

My relationship with my grandson  ( or lack of one if grandson-grandfather relationships are as advertised) reminds me how strange a person i am, preferring solitude, finding almost any human relationship somewhat frightening, spending years studying psychology and sociology in an effort to disspell my alienation, still feeling an alien among my own species., frightened by the very things that should bring me joy.

When we were younger, i would take my grandson to the Discovery Center.  When he was eight and ten i still knew as much about science as he did and we had fun.  Now that he is sixteen, i feel the distance.  Its not a teenager vs. adult thing.  I revel in the sight of the relationship he has with his parents--so much freer and genuine than the one i had with mine, or the one i had with my children.  Am i just too lazy to do the work involved in forming and maintaining a relationship?   I have to think about that.