December 11th, 2010

Tao Te Ching, Chapter 25- Medutation on "Virtual Reality"

Something mysteriously formed,
Born before heaven and Earth.
In the silence and the void,
Standing alone and unchanging,
Ever present and in motion.
Perhaps it is the mother of ten thousand things.
I do not know its name
Call it Tao.
For lack of a better word, I call it great.

Being great, it flows
I flows far away.
Having gone far, it returns.

Therefore, "Tao is great;
Heaven is great;
Earth is great;
The king is also great."
These are the four great powers of the universe,
And the king is one of them.

Man follows Earth.
Earth follows heaven.
Heaven follows the Tao.
Tao follows what is natural.

     Gai-fu Feng and Jane English
Something perfect
has existed forever,
even longer than the universe.
It's a vast, unchanging void.
There's nothing else like it.
It goes on forever and never stops,
and everything else came from it.

I don't know what else to call it
so I'll call it Tao.
What's it like?
I can tell you this much: it's great.

    Beatrice Tao

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Daily Tao - October 8th, 2009

Ave Tonantzin

Tonight (well, tomorrow actually) was the feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe.  Dianne is devoted to this particular representation of Mary, so went an hour before Mass for the procession and Mariache.  There was much, much talk about Mary the mother of Jesus, way to much, i thought, about a woman about whom almost nothing is known.  Deacon C talked about each of the twenty-five appearances by Mary which the Catholic Church accepts as authentic (plus several which it doesn't) and i felt that many of the Mexican and Mexican American people in the audience were more bored than i by this litany.  It was clear they were there to honor The Virgin of Guadeloupe and not necessarily other manifestations of "the mother of God."  As the statue  passed by the American Indian features and skin tone were apparent.

Everyone mentioned that Europeans were conquerors and oppressors of the First Peoples of Great Turtle Island; it was also acknowledged that they brought the Christian religion with them.  These two facts seemed to be placed in totally separate compartments, as though they had nothing to do with each other.

Tonantzin seems to be a generic name for Female Aztec deities. The Goddess associated with the mountain where Juan met Mary was a particularly powerful earth goddess, since that time the identities of Tonantzin and Mary seem to have merged for many Mexicans.

The Mary who seems to have had greatest importance in the life of Jesus was Mary Magdelene.  Coptic legend has her the wisest and most favored of the 19 apostles, the one who held the emerging Christian community together when it was threatened by fear and internal dissention.  Jesus' mother was dismissed as an intruder into his mission and prompted the saying: Those who follow the Way. these are my mother and my brothers.

At any rate, the Mariache band. made up of children and teens, was wonderful,  I think Mariache is my  favorite music, though i can't understand a word of the lyrics.