November 22nd, 2010

Tao Te Ching- Chapter 6 A Meditation Stimulant

The valley spirit never dies;
It is the woman, primal mother.
Her gateway is the root of heaven and Earth.
It is like a veil barely seen.
Use it; it will never fail.

Daily Tao - 6

Some scientists say that just before the "big bang"
All the forces in the universe were contained in an infinitesimal "packet"
And when that "packet' was opened
All that is, all that was, but all that ever shall be sprang forth.
But where was Love?

The Tao Te Ching never mentions Love.
But I love the Tao Te Ching
And isn't an inexhaustible source of everything we really need
an expression of love?

Was it Love that opened the "packet?"
Christians sometimes say: "God is love."