September 21st, 2010

Seeing things differently: William Wordsworth: Such was the Boy--but for the growing

William Wordsworth: Such was the Boy--but for the growing Youth (from The Excursion, Book 1)

Sometimes, not often enough, but sometimes i see things differently.  Life offers me a little  surprise, and before i can assimilate it into the familiar, the safe, the culturally approved, image, i see what my ego did not want me to see, perhaps a thing "as it is," or maybe just differently than the way i usually see it,  Very rarely these images have duration and strong emotional impact, like my "blindness" or my feeling, at age nine, of the unity of "it all."  Mostly these images, like waking up on the "wrong" side of bed, and seeing the bedroom as a totally strange place, are fleeting and immediately classified as "optical illusions."

Now that i am told that the real "optical illusion" is the way i see everything everyday, i know that these are flashes of clarity, and i hope that in the future i will treat them as such, and nurture these images as gifts.  Today i saw a series of pictures, some taken of our and other galaxies, some taken of the earth from space.  Because these were images i had never seen, i did not know what to make of them.  So instead of reading the captions, instead of trying to make sense of them, i just looked, and let each image show itself to me as it would.

This experience opened me up just a little bit to openness Underhill prescribes as the first step of the mystical journey,

Writer's Block: Let me entertain you

Who is your personal choice for greatest singer of all time, and why?

I am surprised no one mentioned Sarah McLaughlin.
I am pleased so many of you mentioned Freddie Mercury and Queen.

If i had any kind of ear, i would pick one of those.
But i have none.

So my pick is based on one very bad year, 1958
and two really great songs: Unchained Melody and Volare.
and the guys who were singing them then:
Al Hibler, and Dean Martin.