September 16th, 2010

By What Authority?

(A thought while reading about the authority of scripture and tradition in the Catholic Church)

The via negativa challenges and threatens all theology, all dogma, and all practice....and all authority
except the practice and authority of compassion and meditation.

Writer's Block: Peace for sale

Is it appropriate for governments to spend so much money on defense and weapons? How much is too much?

According to the the Preamble to to United States Constitution, the purpose of government is to provide for the national defense and to promote the general welfare of a country.  It would seem that the "more perfect union" we evidently intended to form, would have some kind of balance, some kind of proportionality among its functions.  "National Defense" has many meanings of which weapons are only a part. "General Welfare" has many meanings also, of which economic well being is only one.  Considering how much consideration we give to the "general welfare", especially the economic welfare of the poor, it would seem logical to say that any amount spent on weapons was disproportionalely high.  I want billions of $ for the general welfare, not one more % for weapons.