September 11th, 2010

Bloy: Almost a Mystic, Almost a Basket Case.

There was a good article in the August-September issue of the Catholic Worker on Leon Bloy, giving special attention to his novel:The Woman who was Poor ("one of the most sublime pieces of Christian literature").  I wish i could share the article, but it is not online and i am too lazy to type it out for you.  I identify with him!  I don't like him much, but i do identify with him,  It seemed to me that he showed many of the symptoms of autism.  He had to be home schooled because he could not get along with others, refused to work, had series of menial jobs, loved a prostitute with whom he had a wild and weird relationship, became an atheist, then a Catholic, couldn't make a living--because he would not conform.  Loved, but also had contempt for, his fellow human beings, married at 44 but could not support a family, refused to conform or suck up to the literary establishment and was thus ignored.  He expressed his love of God in the most outrageous manner because "When one tries to speak lovingly of God, all human words become like tears of blind lions seeking succor in the desert."

A Journey Round My Skull: Musings and Thunderings of Leon Bloy

Here's a quote:  For Leon Bloy, his sufferings, mental and physical, identified him with the sufferings of God crucified.  Indeed, all suffering was an extension of the agony of Jesus.  It was sacred and holy and symbolic.  It was also excruciating. "I shall blind you because I am Faith, I shall drive you to despair because I am Hope.  I shall devour you because I am Charity I shall press you down in the mud for I am Purity, I shall overwhelm you with darkness because I am Light,  Those who despise all these things and despise you, those Vile and Stupid Ones, I shall exalt beyond all measure.  I shall seat them upon thrones and it is upon your dying face that I will rest their unclean feet.  After that, if you cry to Me, it shall be as if you did not cry."

Via negativa, negativa, negativa