September 8th, 2010

I get out of the house

I've plenty of experience with nosebleeds and how to stop them.  I get four or five every fall.  In my dotage these are most often caused by changes in air pressure; they just come on spontaneously and i get out the ice and the wash rag and the nose clamp and go about my business.  This morning at 12:30, my right nostril started to bleed--profusely.  After half an hour, i started to panic.  The kitchen looked like a crime scene.  After an hour, i called 911 hoping i could get some good advice over the phone.  Instead i got the whole emergency apparatus. firetruck, ambulance, four firefighters dressed in black, two emts dressed in white,( i have to admit they looked like angels).  The commotion started Niki barking which woke Dianne..  The six professionals couldn't stop the bleeding either.  So Dianne called our older daughter who came over to stay with her while i was given my first trip in an ambulance-a surprisingly unmemorable ride.

Anyway, the chubby little doctor in er looked up my nose (all the way to the brain it seemed), said "hmmmm" and walked away.  He came back a few minutes later and pronounced me healed.  Sure enough the bleeding had stopped, after a two and a half hour continuous drip/flow, so i called my daughter and went home.  Safely and comfortably in bed by 4 am.  Feeling fine this morning.  Daughter cleaned the kitchen while i was away., a great kid.