September 2nd, 2010


Such things as are hidden, i learned, and such things as are plain;
      for Wisdom, the author of all, taught me.
For in her is a spirit
      intelligent, holy, unique,
Manifold, subtle, agile,
      clear, unstained, certain,
Not baneful, loving the good, keen,
      unhampered, beneficent, kindly,
Firm, secure, tranquil,
      all-powerful, all seeing,
And pervading all spirits,
      though they be intelligent, pure, and very subtle.
For Wisdom is mobile beyond all motion;
      and she penetrates and pervades all things by means of her purity.

Wisdom 7:21-24 (In the Old Testament Apocrypha)

Twelve Traditions of 12 Step Programs: Recipe for Anarchy?

Because i am a social scientist and autistic,* i was not nearly as impressed as i might have been, at first, with the 12 steps of AA and Al-Anon.  What did impress me, right from the start, were the principles by which the Al-Anon Family Groups were related to other such groups, to the national organization, and to the outside world.

Twelve Traditions   (this page has disappeared.  Open it anyway and click "home page" type "twelve traditions" in the "search" box and click on Twelve traditions of alateen, or twelve traditions)

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*When an autistic person is asked to "describe" something, he often says things that are surprising or seem just plain wrong to other people.  He fixates on aspects of the experience that are interesting to him and will not look at what he is "suposed" to look at. or what others consider the "essence" of the experience.  Other peoples' "essences" often seem to him irrational, peripheral, and  dangerous.