August 28th, 2010

Generic Meditation Issues: 12-Step Progams I

Recently an LJ friend expressed gratitude that her spiritual quest began in a 12 step program,  Devoted to her religion, she nevertheless had to begin in a place that was "spiritual but not religious."  Religions, among other things, include codes of conduct, prescribed beliefs; and most of all, even those who strive toward universality end up excluding most people; either because all people cannot accommodate themselves to the religion or because the religion cannot accommodate itself to all people.  Some of us must find our "religion" apart from all religions.  The twelve step programs based on Alcoholics Anonymous is a simple, usable, spiritual process available to almost anybody.Collapse )

I envision a generic 12-step program that would allow anyone to follow a spiritual path, a path on which a) no one need get lost, and b) no one is required to fit into a thought or behavior pattern which is not his or her own.  A tailor made spirituality for any one or everyone.