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July 30th, 2010

Love, Lasagna. Laughter

Younger daughter and two granddaughters have been in town this week so older granddaughter can visit her father.  Of course, they spent some time with us also.  Last night we all had dinner on older daughter's deck.  Present were Dianne, our two daughters, older daughter's husband, son,  and older stepdaughter, and the granddaughters.  We ate, talked, laughed, and played with three dogs who were always under foot.  Older granddaughter is starting university in September.  The economy has touched her family pretty deep, so we are helping out with college expenses.

My daughters are very different but they love and respect each other and are real friends.  My sons in law are good men and great husbands and fathers.  I feel so lucky and blessed.  My younger daughter is still a bit of a soap opera star, but i no longer worry about her welfare.
"Nothing is hidden that will not be made known, or secret that will not come to light.
What I tell you in the dark, speak in the light.  And what you hear as a whisper proclaim from the housetops."  -- Q1

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Unless i can behave the way i want other people to behave,
and unless i can do this without judging the behavior of others,
(without becoming attached to the behavior of others),
Unless i can take that second blow to my "other cheek,"
Unless i can walk that "extra mile."
Unless i can accept being what others call "a victim,"
I may not see the kingdom of god in the next world,
or in this

My shout from the housetop?
hhuuusssshhhhh.  Listen to your heart,
to the Tao,
to the Holy Spirit,
to the mystics, and
To the silence,

All are saying (or not saying)  the same thing (or non-thing)

Love the world as though its existence depended on your love--
But don't take yourself seriously.




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