July 22nd, 2010

Via Negativa/"Essential Dread"

I have had. maybe, a half dozen experiences that i might call spiritual.  All but one seemed, at the time and since, to be either  "neutral" or "positive."  Collapse )John of the Cross: Dark Night Collapse )"

As i look back sixty years this summer, to that experience which has not faded as nearly all my other early experiences have, i can see that it was freeing as well as fearful, awesome as well as awful.  If i had had then the tools to interpret it, it  might well have been the start of the path i have now, finally, begun to take.  Like my experience with blindness earlier this year, it could have been the provocation of a new way of seeing.  Seeing with the ears, nose, skin, tongue, and heart;  hearing, smelling, touching, tasting, and knowing with the eyes.