July 15th, 2010

Robert Manwill: Trial of MBF to begin in September.

Robert was brutally beaten and tortured (disciplined) during a period of at least three weeks prior to his death.  Near the end he was so badly injured that he could not walk or eat.  He was hidden in a closet for days because his bruises were such compelling evidence of torture.
Prosecutors want mother to testify against BF.  BF's attorney describes her as a "chronic liar" who could not avoid committing perjury unless she sticks to a script written for her by the prosecution.  At the same time, the defense is trying to present her as a co-dependent, fearful of losing her children if BF's abusive behavior became known.

BF sounds like a brute; and i know i could not sit on a jury charged with trying his case  (or hers) fairly.  This latest media burst is likely to get in the way of a fair trial.  The same Bill of Rights that offers us an impartial trial, also offers us freedom of speech and freedom of the press.  But journalists and gossips cannot know in advance what a judge is going to allow a jury to hear.  The above information was evidently obtained from "sealed" grand jury testimony.  None of the attorneys involved in the case have commented to the medial
In fact, no attorney's names were mentioned in today's news,  so, we don't even know who BF's attorneys are. 

In the early 1960s the TV news departments actively struggled to remain independent of the advertising and entertainment divisions, arguing that the function of news reporting was not to make money for the corporation or to entertain people, but rather to inform them of things that might be vital to their lives and the welfare of the community.  That battle was clearly won by the champions of money and entertainment.  Before that time i was almost as fond of money and entertainment as i was of news; since then i have kind of soured on both.  It is much easier now to find entertainment than useful information.  It is even easier to find money.

I just hope Robert gets some posthumous justice and that those who care about him get some peace.