June 17th, 2010

Dhammapada (16) - Pleasure

Go beyond likes and dislikes
Dhammapada (16) - Pleasure

Avoid all attachments and aversions, i am told;
for attachment is the cause of loss which is a cause of sorrow, which is a cause of suffering.

But i have also been told: "it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved."
And that also sounds like truth, painful, yes  but also truth.
The lioness chases the antelope.
(if the antelope has a Buddha-nature, does the lioness lack one?)
The otter plays in the water.
Monkeys leap from tree to tree just because they can.
Even the dog likes chasing squirrels though she knows she will never catch one
Common sense tells me i can have pleasure if i do not take it too seriously.
(But i also lack common sense).

Does liking for A imply disliking for "non-A?"
Liking A could bring harm to B, or even A
Disliking B could bring harm to B, or even A, or even me.

Joy without pleasure? what would that be like?
Truth without lies?  that seems possible.
Beauty without ugliness? sure (though the Tao te Ching says not)
Love without hate? What could be better?

I must meditate; but i must also stop meditating and do something else.

Oh, and one more thing: Judge not--which means i dare not like what i like ore dislike what i dislike.