June 13th, 2010

Morning newspaper

The head line news in the local paper is another priest accused of sexual misconduct.
This time the accused is our beloved parish priest,  Father J.
This is heartbreaking, especially for Dianne.
We spoke to him yesterday evening.  He seemed to want to talk; but Dianne was having trouble breathing so we departed quickly.

The accuser is a 50 year old male, twelve years younger than Father J. who alleges acts of harassment and abuse  twenty-eight years ago.
He strikes me as a troubled person, but then, a person abused by hjs priest, might well be troubled.

My gut reaction is to accept Father J's innocence.  He is possibly, by nature, homosexual; and he is a moral and truthful man who takes his priestly vows seriously.  But then, i didn't know him twenty-eight years ago.  I love and accept him, either way.  But unfortunately, every one is not like me.

Evidently, the allegation was first made shortly after the alleged events took place, and the resurfaced allegations have been under investigation since January, 2009 with no clear resolution.  So it a matter of "he said, he said."

This mornings masses must have been very interesting--and next week's will be even more so.