June 4th, 2010

Dhammapada meditation, (4) Flowers

Flowers are used as a metaphor in different ways: standing for both virtue and desire.
The line that jumps out at me talks about bees taking nectar from the flower without harming the flower.

Indeed, humans often harm beautiful things in the process of  "enjoying" them.
I remember reading somewhere about how botanists pulverize flowers to learn about them while poets watch them growing in the fields.

A single petal of a single flower is a better focal point for meditation than a temple.  But you don't need to remove the petal from the flower, just be attentive.

The ego wants to monopolize the beautiful thing--hold it in "its" vase; keep it in "its" gallery, put a wall around beauty and own it.
The Buddha-mind wants to share beauty with all sentient beings.  The bee actually has more "right" to the flower than i do.

Beauty should be like the Oregon beaches, open to everyone, forbidden to no one.

The arhant and the sage find beauty in simplicity.  Beauty is simple; it is natural.  When we try to improve on it we most often make it ugly.

I don't need flowers if I know that beauty is simplicity and i am able to be simple.

Love, peace, and joy to everyone (and to every endangered bee).