May 26th, 2010


So we voted yesterday in the state primary (or the Republican primary as it is referred to in Idaho)  In fact, Dianne, did take the Republican  ballot so she could vote against some particularly obnoxious candidates.  I could not take a Republican ballot; ir is a serious enough matter for me to vote at all, although every November i seem to do so anyway.  People I vote for almost never win; and the few who do seriously disappoint.  Oh, well, it got Dianne out into the sunlight for a few minutes.


Well, it looks like tweedledum beat tweedledumber in the Idaho first district  Republican congressional  primary.  This is relatively good news.  Tweedledum will face our blue dog incumbent in November.  If tweedledumber had won i would be forced to vote for blue dog.  Now i think I can sit this one out on the theory that one can't be much worse than the other.  But i am a sucker, the Democrats lure me to the polls every fourth year.  Well, it could be worse, I used to send them money and give them my time.  I may try campaigning actively for nobody; arguing that no representation at all would be better than what the process gives us.

(edit):Turns out tweedledum was supported by the "tea party" folks.  No wonder he won in Idaho!  Looks like I have to vote for blue dog in November after all.