April 27th, 2010

Slow progress is progress, slow healing is healing

Today has been a good day., and it ain't over yet.

Dianne is reading a book that she is enjoying!!  The TV goes on first thing in the morning.  I hate it but thought I had learned to ignore it.  This morning the TV did not go on.  I missed it.  Why isn't the TV on, I thought.  Oh, Dianne is reading.  She wanted to read some passages aloud.  We talked about something other than kids, health, or bad news.  Even some spiritual discussion. She is cheerful, even optimistic.  I feel love and loving.

Walked Niki,, and made her "work" a lot.  I have lost my status as pack leader, and I must get it back.  Yesterday she almost bit a little girl.  Maybe she did bite her but without breaking the skin.  Little girl was hurt (?). scared, and crying.  She was trying to show  me her "dog" which she had modeled in clay at school (actually very good, very creative) and maybe Niki misinterpreted the gesture.  More likely though, she was annoyed because the little girl and I were paying more attention to each other than to her.  But today we worked well and she was her old well behaved self.  MY arthritis has been so bad I haven't walked her more than two or three times in a month.  The pain and stiffness has really eased up.

Saw a ten year old girl talking to herself.  I was so pleased to notice that she had no cell phone that I forgot to worry that she might be odd.
When did odd and normal change places?  Probably about 13,000 years ago, but the pace has sure been accelerating in the last few years.

Even supper will be easy, Taco's from Taco Time.  Well, time for Brian Wilson, then Jeopardy. (The TV just got turned on.).

Love, peace, and joy to you all.