April 19th, 2010

Hey, LJ Users, I'm weirder than 91% of the rest of you.

Thanks to elainegrey  (bless her soul) I came upon this test for weirdness

hatmandu.net - Home

It says I am 12% unique, 43% peculiar, 31% interesting,, 12% normal, and 3% herdlike.  My total "weirdness score" is 61.  This score is evidently obtained by adding the first three percentages and subtracting the last two.  I'm "normal" in my friendships; my relationships are rooted in a "keen desire to please", and my journal writing is "conventional."

To get this information, there was nothing I had to do.  The score was based entirely on things I had already put in my profile and my journal.  To me that's REALLY SCARY.

My weirdness score was partly based on the fact that I placed the concepts "social theory" and "solitary" on my interests list.  Nothing was said about my autism or my agnosticism--both of which would put me among the 10% weirdest people in America.  Evidently, a different standard must be used for LJ users.  Does that mean we are all weird?

So I just checked the link again to make sure it works, having posted the above and one chapter from the Tao te Ching,  My weirdness score has dropped to 56. I am weirder than only 90% of you, and my writing is now "simplistic."