April 11th, 2010


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The teachings of Jesus

Make sure the loving God's love for you gets a response that is also loving.

Don't make judgments about human beings; remove the log that is in your eye.

Say "God loves you," to those who seem to want to hear what you have to say.

Don't fear; don't worry..

Give when asked; and don't mind getting ripped off.

Ask for, and be given, what you need; don't be ashamed to beg.

Don't be violent; don't hurt anybody; if struck on one cheek, offer the other.

Try to do your best as you see it after you have prayed to the God who is loving.

Don't want stuff; don't treasure it; don't hold on to it.  Carry no money, bag, or sandals

Desire justice, mercy, love, equality, peace, humility, understanding. beauty, relationships.

Love your enemies.

Say: God's rule has come near you; it is among you; it is in you.

Be simple, live simply.


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