January 31st, 2010

Getting read the spiritual riot act

Lately, I have been getting cranky; and especially so when I am interrupted at  journalling..  This was called to my attention Friday when I snapped at Dianne when she called for my help.   She reminded me of the story of how Cat Stevens, on his road to being Yusef Islam, became harder and harder to live with as his spiritual search intensified and suggested that there is something basically wrong with the way one is searching if that is happening.  She noted that I have been getting increasingly irritable over the past week, and I had to agree.

I remembered an old Robert Service rhyme from my childhood about a mother reading her Bible for guidance in raising her child.  When the child sought her attention, the mother snapped at her, explaining: I'm trying to learn how to be a loving mum.  Indeed, there is something wrong if the spiritual search makes one less compassionate, companionable, and caring about creation.

My posts will probably become rarer and more spontaneous, less intellectual, less argumentative, more humble.

I do want to  continue my comments on the Chuang-tzu on taoism , (at least through the first seven chapters), but these will come slower.and more irregularly.

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