January 20th, 2010

A long and frustrating week

Dianne is home eight days, and it seems we have been unable to settle in to any remote approximation of normalcy (which would not be bad if it were chosen change rather than given, or may I say, inflicted).  Pneumonia, non-breathing, and inactivity take a lot out of  a person and Dianne has lost a lot, including perspective and a sense of humor.  (The first will eventually come back, I can only hope for the latter)  So much needs to be done to bring her to greater strength, health and mobiliity;  The trouble is that the providers of each of these services is convinced of the primacy of his or her own contribution, (ophthalmology, pulmonology, cardiology,  diet,. physical therapy, rheumatology, general medicine, etc.) that her time and energy (mine too) are being sapped.  On top of this, conflicting appointments were made for her, and Nurse Practitioners  or Medical Assistants show up at the appointments instead of Doctors she knows and trusts.  Add my autism on top of that and you have a formula for a very bad sitcom (or maybe a crime drama--with the victim a home health nurse who arrived two hours late for an appointment with the main suspect being either a woman confined to a wheelchair or her elderly, strange husband.

But, she is home!!!!