October 13th, 2009

Event of the week: Aspie Loses Checkbook!

Noon: 10/12/2009  Aspie prepares to leave house with spouse.  Gets keys, wallet, looks for checkbook.
12:30 p.m. Leaves house without checkbook, mentally and emotionally obsessed with missing checkbook.
  3:10 p.m makes purchase using credit card.  Tells spouse he "just decided to use credit card."
  3:30 p.m. Aspie and spouse return home.  Aspie resumes frantic search for checkbook. in drawers, under beds, in refridgerater and freezer,
               in dishwasher and clothes washer, in and between papers and books (small house is full of papers and books), in gargage, dirty
               clothes, in all pockets of all clothing worn in past three days since last memory of seeing checkbook.  Search is repeated, and     
  3:50 p.m. Service desks of stores that may have been visited in past three days phoned.  Automobiles are re-searched.
  4:20 p.m.  Asoie admits to spouse that he lost checkbook         
  4:30 p.m  Calls financial institution to report missing checkbook, gets recording (its Columbus Day).
  4:32 p.m. Search continues, extends to yard.
  6:00 p.m. Aspie watches "Jeopardy" thinks about checkbook
  6:30 p.m. Simple dinner is prepared but complicated by lack of focus on food preparation
  6:50 p.m.  Meal interrupted by "brilliant" thought about where checkbook might be. (It wasn't there.)
  7:10 p.m.  Search resumes, now half hearted.
 10:35 p.m. Watches "David Letterman" with spouse, doesn't enjoy it, turns away because of a particularly gross example of juvenile humor.
 11:00 p.m. Watches Charlie Rose interview political philosopher, no thought about checkbook for one hour.
  Midnight 10/13/2009  Asoie and spouse begin preparing for sleep.
  12:45 a.m.  Aspie  posts on daily_tao , lies down, puts on C-pap, thinks about checkbook
   3:00 a.m. (approximately) Sleep begins.
   7:39 a.m  Aspie gets up, thinks about checkbook, turns up heat, makes coffee. reads, helps spouse rise, fixes breakfast, etc.
   9:00 a.m. visit to financial institution.  teller has never done a stop check procedure.  Aspie's technophobia kicks in, starts taking nonesense
                  to cover panic
  10:15 a,m. returns home, feeling relieved, somewhat normal (at least on the surface).

Rest of day is "downer" for Aspie and spouse (and dog, who throws up).
   6:40 p.m. Aspie leaves for Catholic Worker meeting, enjoys self very much.