September 12th, 2009

Generic Meditation Issues: Perspective

"In this state of mind, I could not perceive three dimensionally.  Nothing stood out as being closer or farther away.  If there was a person standing in a doorway, I could not distinguish their presence until they moved.  It took activity for me to know that I should pay special attention to any particular patch of molecules.  In addition, color did not register on my brain as color.  I simply could not distinguish it.

"Prior to this morning when I had experienced myself as a solid, I had possessed the ability to experience loss--either physical loss via death or injury, or emotional loss through heartache.  But in this shifted perception, it was impossible for me to perceive either physical or emotional loss because I was not capable of experiencing separation or individuality.  Despite my neurological trauma, an unforgettable sense of peace pervaded my entire being and I felt calm."

                                Jill Bolte Taylor (on the occurrence of a hemorrhagic stroke which temporarily disabled
                                  the left hemisphere of her brain.
                              My Stroke of Insight: a Brain Scientist's Personal Journey,Viking, 2006, p.70. Collapse )