September 2nd, 2009

Generic Meditation Issues: Daniel Quinn

First, I admit I have not read Ishmael.  It sounds like a fascinating read.  But I almost know in advance that I would agree with nearly everything he writes.

I have read Providence: the Story of a Fifty-Year Vision Quest.   This is the sort of title that jumps off the shelf at me, and then leaves me disappointed at the lack of either a) substance or b) spirituality.  Providence had plenty of substance, so far as I am concerned.  This post is about spirituality.

I would define Daniel Quinn as an anarcho-primitivist;  I infer the "anarcho" logically from the "primitivist."   Quinn knows we made a bad turn about 13,000 or so years ago when we started to give up the gatherer=hunter ways of life and the alleged moral innocence that Quinn feels was a component of that way of life.  We became anthropocentric and gods fearing, and then, in short order, hierarchical, paternalistic, polItical, egoistic.  In a simple dichotomy: we were once "leavers" (we left moral judgment to the spirits. we left the world relatively untouched, we left the world no worse than we found it,  we knew enough to leave well enough alone.)
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