August 27th, 2009

Asperger's syndrome dream

Its a house I don't recognize, but its "mine."  Lots of people are there, some may be family; others may be construction workers.  Only two individuals stand out:  a woman (maybe Dianne) who is in charge and a younger man named "Carl" who also lives in the house and, therefore may be "family."  A hardwood floor is being laid in the house (and maybe hardwood walls as well)  For some reason, I insist on watching a movie (Cabaret?) and keep trying to push a large entertainment center out onto the unfinished floor.  The woman insists that the laying of the floor has priority over the movie.  I become more and more frustrated, more and more angry, more and more depressed.  The woman asks me to get the keys from Carl.  I become more depressed.  I finally take the keys and leave the house.  Forboding looms.