August 26th, 2009

Family, Fun, and Fondue

Youngest daughter was in town last week with husband and her two children.  Granddaughters 17 and 11 are both heartbreakingly beautiful.  Scary.  Seventeen year old's grandparents, father.  stepsisters and stepnieces live here in town.  I alienated my co-grandparents so completely during the 2004 election that they will not have anything to do with me, so granddaughter spent most of the week with them.

Saturday night we (daughters, husbands, three grandkids, one step-granddaughter, Dianne, and me) had chocolate fondue at older daughter's house.  A roaring good time was had by all.  At one point, I left the party, which got everybody else talking about Asperger's syndrome.  Younger daughter and husband seem very knowledgable about Asoerger's

I will admit that I left the party, in part, because I was getting overstimulated.  But I left quietly and I didn't stay gone long.  And I didn't feel driven away.  I felt I had a choice to stay or leave.  Twenty years ago, I would have been unable to spend an evening sober in room full of people having fun.  When I finally did learn to do it, I was a completely changed person.  I couldn't see it, but everybody else could.

Both my daughters have such great husbands, loving, gentle, super dads.  I feel blest.  Older daughter was widowed at thirty-two, with a four year old son.  Her husband was a good man but second husband is great.   He has two daughters by a previous marriage.  Younger daughter had two lousy marriages, each one producing a daughter.  Husband number 3 (and number last) has a daughter.  I would love to be able to get together with them more often.