August 17th, 2009


I have an $800 word processor.  At age 18, I had never heard the word "computer"; at age 35 the computer was housed in its own building of about 2000 square feet and programs (using Fortran)  were designed on punch cards.  I failed my first and only computer course.  At age 45 a pc was installed in my office.  I used it as a word processor.  eventually I could create and open files, send and recieve e-mail, and create greeting cards.  The word processing function did and continues to amaze me.  You can probably tell that I use my computer pretty much like an old Olivetti (non-electric) typewriter.

Sometimes I read posts and comments that have little symbols I don't understand, on line abbreviations.  Some I can figure logically, others I am aware of because I don't actually live in a cave.  Some continue to puzzle me.  For instance:

:D    and

My own addition to webspeak will be ppo, meaning personal prejudiced opinion.