August 3rd, 2009

We do more in a week than most people get done before breakfast!

Some of you want to be kept up to date on Dianne's progress and I understand and appreciate that concern.  We are rather private people, but some of my LJ friends are starting to feel like real friends, so I really do want to update you.  On the other hand, progress in the direction of greater mobility is frustratingly slow.  For some strange reason, this is arthritis season for both of us (it must be the air pressure).  If not for my autistic perseveration I would probably not be posting as often as I do.  The pain in one of my typing fingers is excruciating.  Dianne's arthritis is much more extensive and severe.

Otherwise, progress has been two steps forward, one step back (then one step forward, two back).  We are not back yet to where we were when Dianne broke her hip a year ago May, and certainly not back to where we were a year ago August.  Tomorrow is the anniversary of her return from the rehabilitation center and the next day is the aniversary of the ankle break.  (Speaking of anniversaries, Happy Birthdayi_baster , if you are reading this; otherwise I will great you in a more appropriate setting tomorrow.)  Now she has picked up an infection in her left big toe, probably a result of my less than sanitary care,  (Its MRSA for crying out loud!).

In the rehab center, some of the cnas were angels; others should have been doing something else somewhere else.  I hearby apologize to the latter for my contempt and endorse sainthood for the former.  Chronic illness or disability is frustrating as hell for those who have to sit and watch it and for those who are its victims.  Fortunately, Dianne has a rich spiritual life and I am slowly, reluctantly, torturously, beginning to acquire one.

We both know we are better off than most people in the world.  We both know things could be worse.  We both believe things will get better.  Sometimes I forget that I am being carried across the universe by unseen winds, and I fall into self pity.  If that shows here, I'm sorry.  It will pass. Love and peace to all of you.