May 26th, 2009

The World According to Me: Part XII, Globalization

When the Spanish, Portuguese and French set out at the end of the fifteenth century, the process of globalization began.  Or perhaps I should say the process accelerated, because human beings had been globalizing for 60, 000 plus years; leaving their ancestral home in eastern Africa and populating the entire planet.  By the time Magellan made his costly voyage (he and his crew were only the first of billions of victims of this misadventure) humans were living on practically every piece of land upon which it was possible to walk.  Every place was occupied and every displacement of inhabitants and reoccupation by others would be an act of theft--nearly always accompanied by assault and murder.  The devices by which Europeans established their claims to the world may have been legal in Europe, but they had no standing in other parts of the earth.Collapse )